Installing Sash and Basement window screen

a) Cut the damaged screen around the window net frame
b) Remove the spline using utility knife
c) place new screen directly over the frame
d) Use screen tool over spline to tighten and secure screen to window frame
e) Cut the excess screen from outside the frame groove

Window screen or window mesh is one of the main features of window installations. Whether it’s basement windows, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom windows – all windows need safety features in today’s unpredictable world. Many consumers prefer window mesh over storm windows with glass and screen panels. The reason for this preference is air circulation. But the advantages of window mesh come with many feedbacks. Though window mesh is often manufactured to retain maximum profit, safety features of window mesh are often ignored. Today, most window meshes are installed to keep debris, dust, animals, insects, and pests outside. But they are still vulnerable to home burglary and home invasion.

With declining economy, increasing debt and unemployment, many places in the world are experiencing high crime rates. Burglary and home invasion are on the rise. Though Kevlar/carbon fibers are often not considered for window mesh materials, they could be a source of anti-burglary window mesh/screens. Kevlar is used for bulletproof vests has higher tensile strength than steel making it impossible to cut through with a regular knife. Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is stiff and lightweight. Though these materials may be expensive to source and manufacture, they do have a consumer market of customers who want to save burglary expense and keep families safe.

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