Garage Door Jams

    Garages are an important residential and commercial feature. They are not only used to park our cars but also as storage and working space. Workspace for Lawnmowers to recycling bins, from bikes to tools & equipment as well as from mechanic to upholstery workspace. Garages are considered equivalent to warehouse space by some and hence maintenance is crucial. Garage doors are probably the only types of doors that require maintenance every now and then especially winter. Unlike other doors, garage doors are mechanical and hence are more likely to jam in severe weather conditions or improper handling. Some of the major reasons for garage door jams are garage door pulley jams, garage door opener malfunction, and electronics.

    One of the reasons for garage door jams is a pulley. Many older garage doors have stainless steel pulleys. These pulleys do corrode over a period of time and hence are unreliable. Major department stores have replaced these pulleys with vinyl pulleys to overcome this issue but due to replacement costs in labor, some risk their vehicles, home security, and even their lives to avoid these expenses. Lubrication could be a short-term solution but long-term solution demands a material replacement. Moreover, a smooth pulley movement does mean fewer chances of pulley cable getting stuck between the frame and the door or even break. Hence, vinyl pulleys or corrosion resistant pulleys are an essential feature in garage doors. Another part of the garage door that would need rust proofing are the fasteners and fixtures of brackets that connect parts of the garage doors together. During garage door installation or repairs, a loose or rusted fastener could result in half the door falling right on to the vehicle windshield. Considering most of the doors are over 150 pounds, it is not only a hazard to a vehicle but a life hazard.

     Garage door opener malfunctions are another reason why garage doors get jammed. Many older and some newer versions of door openers including Genie series have chain cable idler pulleys that are plastic in the material. Considering the chain lifts a 150-pound door mechanically, this plastic pulley has a tendency and does break as the chain gets entangled improperly. The solution to this problem would be a corrosion free material with high tensile strength, for example, metals like Brass, Bronze, Nickel steel etc. Furthermore, non-lubricated chains often add to the problem resulting in garage door jams.

     Last but not least, Garage door sensors malfunction often result into garage door jams. Sensors that have lasers to detect obstructions between a garage door and concrete floor often malfunction as a result of improper handling or an accident. Any issues in garage door electronics are to be dealt with electronics replacement as repair is often expensive and unreliable in terms of whether it’s going to malfunction again.

    In conclusion, Garage doors are not only a functional residential or commercial feature but also a security feature. With Vehicle theft and home burglary on the rise, it becomes ever so important to maintain a functional and secured garage door.

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