Electricity: A killer?


    From the discovery of electricity to the inventions that use electricity, it has played an important role in human history. From light bulbs to outdoor signs, from solar panels to generators and from transmission lines to electrical panels, all have an important role in the production, transmission, and applications of electricity.  Electricity is the direct result of flowing and exchange of electrons in an atom. The “oversupply of electrons” lead to a voltage which translates into potential difference and measured in volts.  The current measured in amperes is the rate to measure the flow of electrons while resistance measured in ohms is when these electrons are stopped or reduced from flowing freely by a resistor. One of the most noticeable ways to see electricity in play is through Aurora Borealis which is solar waves from the sun trapped in the atmosphere. A Lightning strike is another phenomenon that demonstrates electricity. An average strike is said to be delivering some “50,000 amps” that are “over 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter the surface of Sun“. Electricity is not only in nature but also man-made. Humans have learned to generate electricity through various means like magnetism and mechanical motors. Humans have not only created electricity on earth but also in space to power up a space station. Hence, electricity plays an important role in the lives of many. It’s application and use justifies its mass production.

   From its generation in the dams to transmission and use residentially and commercially, electricity has mass consumption that justifies its mass production. The generators in “Hoover Dam” and hydroelectric power dams in Niagara Falls, for example, generates up to 16500 volts of electricity and boosted to some “230,000 volts” and delivered to a million homes via power lines. “Over 98% of power in America comes from the power grid”. Electricity is what makes traffic lights and outdoor signs possible. Electricity powers up major commercial hubs and urban areas. The elevator to reach the top of CN tower is powered by electricity. Factories, warehouses, and shops all use electricity for their daily operation. Residentially, electricity is used in garage doors, security cameras, appliances and consumer electronics. Electricity is used in cars and vehicles to charge smartphones and turn the headlights on. In fact, Las Vegas, a popular tourist destination is considered “the brightest spot on planet Earth” as a result of electricity. The Freemont street light show in Las Vegas has some “two million light bulbs” and produces a “seventy million dollar light show“. Theme parks such as Canada’s Wonderland and Cony island use electricity to operate roller coasters and other rides. The “electric motor in cony island pulls a seven-tonne car to the top of the hill” creating “electricity in motion” rather than the other way around. Heart in a body operates via electrical impulses. Limb transplants read these electrical impulses from our brains and bodies. Solar energy that converts light into energy via photo-voltaic cells generates electricity in many rural areas of the world. Wind Turbines generate electricity in many “energy farms” of the world. Even batteries produce consumable electricity for vehicles using an inverter. This type of electricity generation is used as a back up at times during natural disasters as well as during blackouts especially when the backup generators at the hydroelectric dams fail. In fact, there are government programs in Canada that provide home and landowners with income for generating and contributing to the electricity consumption. Homeowners with solar panels installed over their roofs get paid by government-supported programs in Canada. This type of back up electricity also prevents theft, house break-ins, car theft and so on during blackouts especially in commercial hubs and major department stores.  Overall, Electricity is mass consumed in many applications and has used worldwide. This mass consumption leads to mass production that not only generates electricity but improves the economy and tourism industry around the world.

    In conclusion, electricity plays an important role in human life. However, with the existence and use of electricity come casualties. Casualties that result from lightning strike through a kite, working on an electric breaker panel without experience or work at construction sites. With the right tools and instruction manual, these casualties can be avoided and cause minimal impact to tourism industries especially in developing areas and regions of the world.

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