Emergency Roadside Assistance


   Locked out of your own vehicle? Lost Keys? Need a battery boost? Punctured tires? These might be some punchlines on an advertisement sponsored by clubs and organizations offering roadside assistance to its members. But statistics show that the number of vehicles needing roadside assistance is quite high!

   Many drivers lock themselves out with their keys still inside. Whether going for a coffee break or having a chat about last night’s game, many drivers end up calling for roadside emergency assistance to get back in their vehicles. The procedure is quite simple! You call the company or club with whom you have a membership and the help arrives within minutes. A CAA employee is often in the vicinity as soon as you call! Once he gets there, he takes down the make and model of your vehicle! Then, he slides something like a door wedge or air shim between the frame of the locked door! The air shim creates a gap in the door wide enough to insert a lockout tool. This tool is an arm’s length to reach the door lock inside and pops it open! When the job is done, he walks away with your cash payment and any tips on top unless one is covered by the membership! Many mechanics and long-haul drivers carry auto lockout tools and equipment but it is highly unlikely that every driver on the road has the kit in his car all the time! This is where opportunity meets business for the CAA employee and club memberships prove their worth for the drivers!

   Battery boost is another service offered by roadside assistance memberships. Often the car runs out of juice and the vehicle needs a boost from another vehicle’s battery! Though this is done quite easily with a portable and rechargeable battery booster, most drivers on the road have booster cables instead! The cables are dependent on another vehicle. When this vehicle is not available, it often leads to CAA calls. The battery boost is given by a CAA employee or an employee of a company authorized by CAA. It takes about a few minutes and the car is back on the road! This is another scenario where club memberships prove useful!

   Tire changes are also covered by roadside assistance memberships. Though a tire puncture is highly unlikely on the road, rough terrain and unexpected obstacles do hit tires with full force. Whether be it a needle or lumber strap on a construction site or some sort of metal in a factory parking, tire punctures do happen! When they happen many prefer to change tires themselves to save either time, money or both! However, wrong technique and wrong equipment can lead to disasters! Many vehicles come off the jack stand as drivers try to speed up the tire change process in the middle of the road! Sometimes the jack stand does not even raise the vehicle through its frame but rather some other plastic part underneath! Even if the vehicle is raised properly, there is a chance that driver does not have the proper tools to remove the existing tires and install new ones. Some even remove the lug nuts and install them with the new tires in the wrong orientation. Lug nuts do not have an arrow on them to indicate which side of the lug nut goes in facing the tires and which side faces out! This means there is a high chance that the tire changed with wrong orientation will come off as a result of the gap in between the lug nut and the tire! Some drivers might overfill their tires with air without checking the PSI or tire pressure recommendations on the tire! The margin of error is quite high when speed meets inexperienced hands! This is the best scenario where club memberships prove their worth!

In conclusion, whether its a lockout procedure, battery boost or tire change, roadside emergency club memberships prove to be a lifesaver!

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