Air Compressors

   Have you checked your car tire pressure recently? Is it even inflated enough to be considered safe? Do you have an air pump for your back up a tire in case the existing one fails! These are some of the questions, one might ask themselves when they get their hands on a certified Air compressor! The kind of air compressors for vehicle tires available in the market is not just limited to vehicle applications. Their applications, in fact, extend to bicycle tires, basketballs, soccer balls, sports equipment and party balloons.

   The parts of these commercial air compressors are quite simple and straightforward. Most of the certified air compressors available in the market include a dial gauge to show pressure per square inch (PSI) when inflating a tire. This dial gauge has bars that include safety bars based on the maximum tire pressure reading in PSI. Then, there is a compressor switch on the device located right beside the dial gauge. The switch is to activate the air pump. Next, is the carry handle that makes this equipment easily portable. There is also a vent located at the bottom of this equipment for air circulation. From this vent, there is an extension in the form of an air hose. This is the same air hose that fills in the air in the tires. The hose holder easily holds this air hose in place. Next, there is a light switch that turns the LED on the equipment. Also, there is a compartment area at the bottom of the equipment that holds the twelve-volt adapter with its extension wire in place. Since this air compressor is also built to inflate sports equipment and balloons, there is an additional balloon/ball/adapter socket! Finally, there are rubber feet at the bottom of the equipment to prevent any scratches on the surface where it’s placed.

   The operating principle for these air compressors is not complicated! The twelve-volt adapter is plugged into the vehicle charging port. The air hose is tightened on the vehicle tires. The light switch is used to check the maximum PSI on the tires via the LED. This PSI is matched with the green bar on the dial gauge reading when the tire is inflated. The air pump is then activated through the compressor switch which inflates the tires. Once, the maximum PSI or green bar for the inflation is reached, the compressor switch is used to turn the equipment off! Finally, the equipment is plugged out of the charging port.

   In conclusion, certified air compressors is a handy equipment for tire inflation. Some compressors are even sold with other accessories like thread connectors or needle adapter for sports equipment like soccer balls and basketball.

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