Microwaves & Hazards!

   Whether it’s for warming pasta, heating beverage or making popcorn, Microwaves have made life easier! New and advanced microwaves show up in the consumer market as the demand grows just like for any other appliances.

   The material used to warm up food or beverage in a microwave is extremely important! Though one might think what’s the worst that could happen? The fact is many things can go wrong! Using a lunch box with a sandwich wrapped in aluminum foil can trigger an explosion in the microwave or make it malfunction. It may also trigger a fire that could consume one’s property! Statistics show many house fires in North America are caused by appliances!  Glass, on the other hand, is prone to break if heated up for a  long time! Other materials like porcelain that conduct heat very well will also heat up and may cause severe hand burns. As a result, heat-resistant materials that do not deflect microwaves like tin foil are recommended for optimal use! Applications include microwave cover, stand, bowls, beverage cups,  bowl stands etc.

   Another issue to consider in a microwave is ventilation. If a soup bowl or popcorn bowl is heated for a long time without any ventilation, the heat build-up inside the bowl will trigger somewhat of an explosion or even cause the fire! The type of ventilation is also quite important. For example, if you put a microwave cover on top a beverage with a small surface area and volume, it is more than likely to have no effect in absorbing the harmful waves and letting the other types pass! The ventilation holes are usually the size of the beverage cups. If this same microwave cover is used for food plate with larger surface area, it is more than likely to perform its application of absorbing rays while letting the useful ones pass! Also, when a food or beverage item stays stationary and does not revolve around the revolving plate base, it is highly likely to take a lot of time to heat up the items inside!

   In conclusion, Microwaves are used without their hazards caused by improper handling!

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