Moving – An Adventure Or Work?


   Moving can be a gruesome task for home owners who finally find a place they may call HOME! No matter how small or big the move may be, it is always an adventure for some! Some moves need rental trucks and movers while other small moves may be managed by cargo vans. Though moving furniture, electronics, luggage and household equipment may seem like a child’s play, many home owners damage both the property they move from as well as the property they move in to! Hence, moving is considered a professional service!

   Movers usually start off by moving heavy furniture. This kind of furniture include Beds, sofa’s, dresser tables, dining tables etc. Beds are disassembled with an allen key and moved frame by frame. Mattress on these beds are usually moved last to avoid damage caused by furniture over or under it! They may also be shrink wrapped to avoid tearing it off in the truck. Next, are the sofas. Usually trucks have underlayment to stop dust and other elements from getting on to upholstery fabric! Some trucks even develop strong odor that is transferred to the upholstery and finally to the new house. A clean and odor free truck just like a clean cargo container is essential for secure cargo transit! Shrink wrapping sofas especially leather sofa’s may also stop cuts and damages during a move! Cabinets and dresser tables must be emptied and locked to reduce property damage as well as stolen jewellery and likewise. Furthermore, a ramp on stair (just like a ramp used in home improvement stores to load BBQ’s and appliances) may make it easy for furniture on castor wheels to be moved without causing spine injury or property damage. The ramp should be a flat inclined ramp made of light material with high tensile strength like that of sandstone so it does not break with a heavy item on top. This same castor wheel may be replaced with a replacement in the new home. This is to avoid carpet and floor damage caused by churning and turning of heavy furniture items on castor wheels. Replacement leg caps for metal chairs. coffee tables and ladders may avoid damage to carpets, hardwood floor and even tiles while moving. Appliances as well as metal equipment may be loaded in the truck before moving in furniture. Clothing, consumer electronics and other small items like toys may be loaded in a separate cargo van to avoid cluster in the truck and for smooth movement. One can slide in items like carpets, blinds and window curtains  on the side of the truck! Usually blinds and curtains are bought new to match the wall paint and color of the new house. Kitchen cookware and cutlery may be packed with toys and other items in the cargo van. Plasma televisions and consumer electronics especially ones without warranties may also go in the cargo van. Overall, order and technique may make any moving job professional whether done by home owner or moving companies!

   In conclusion, moving to a new place may come with its price tag! Extended warranties on consumer electronics, insurance on furniture and other equipment as well as factors like timing may all work towards a safe moving experience!


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