Fact check: Health Bracelets

   Bracelets are worn all over the world for many reasons. Some wear it as part of their identity while others wear it for a sense of belonging. Some wear it to make a statement while others wear it as part of their research projects. Some wear them as fans while others as passive viewers.  Some wear it as defensive mechanisms while others wear it to inflict damage in a sport. Some wear it to fit in the trend while others wear it as simply fashion jewelry. Some spend all their savings investing in bracelets while others spend their savings insuring them against theft.

“Ionized bracelets, or ionic bracelets, are a type of metal bracelet jewelry purported to affect the chi of the wearer” (Wiki). Some “Q-Ray, Balance, Bio-Ray, IRenew, Rayma brand bracelets are considered to be of the “ionized” family ” (Wiki). Though most fashion bracelets are made from gold and silver, some claim these health bracelets are made from copper and zinc while others reveal they are simply ionized in a very special process! What better way to check the facts than to 3-d print them bracelets in different metals and alloys for research? After all, if facts were established without experiments then humans wouldn’t need research laboratories.

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