Presto Vs Transit Pass


   Today’s network system of a transit bus, tube trains, and streetcars have made the commute easier and faster than ever. Students take transit to schools and colleges while employees go to work taking the same transit bus. In most of Ontario and even Canada, transit system has made life easier for many. There is no doubt that without the transit system, some newcomers and many residents would struggle to commute to work, school, hospitals, library, grocery stores etc. However, when it comes to choosing bus fares, everyone has their own picks based on needs, scheduling, and convenience. Some choose to use the coin machine to pay their bus fares while some use presto cards. Some use weekly passes while others use the monthly pass to commute. Since the introduction of presto cards, bus fares have become an easy topic.

   Though using coins may be a convenient option for occasional bus riders, carrying change every day for commute is not so convenient. There are chances of losing one’s cash or even being stolen. If one uses the coin system every day, there are chances that he/she might stop by the convenience stores, dollar stores or Tim Horton’s to get change. In winter, this could mean missing the transit on your way out of the store. Not to mention, the extra time one adds to the queue in front of the coin machine while riding the transit. Every time one uses the coins, there are always chances of coins getting stuck in the machine or one losing the transfer on their way to another bus. There are many things that could go wrong when using the coins for a transit bus. However, since presto, this has changed. Presto cards enable users to load their cards at home or on the cell phone via credit cards or other types of bank cards. The way into the transit bus is fast and convenient both for the bus driver and the rider as well as anyone behind. Since presto cards have the same expiry dates for a route as the transfer, there is no need of carrying or losing one. As a result, commute to work and school is never so easy and convenient compared to the coin system.

   Life may be easy with the introduction of presto cards but some daily commuters still use a bus pass. In Toronto, this means either using the weekly bus pass or the monthly. There is also an option for a GTA bus pass, which allows commuters to take the bus, train or even street cars. As a matter of fact, this system saves money, especially for long route daily commuters. If one commutes daily from Brampton to Toronto, it is more than likely that he/she will be on the transit for more than two hours or whatever the expiry time on the Presto card is. It is also highly likely that he or she will be commuting on both the bus and the subway train. This is where the choice between presto card and bus pass makes a difference. One may even use the pass for weekend travels to grocery stores, library, gym or even places of tourism like the CN tower, Center Island, Toronto zoo etc. If one uses the pass they may choose their own schedule and visit these places and anywhere in between without having to worry about presto expiry time. For newcomers, using the transit system to get around and explore greater Toronto area on a bus pass is probably the most cost-effective way of commuting and travel. A networked system of transits may take individuals anywhere they want to go with only a bus pass in their pocket and a transit map. Though carrying luggage and other items around might be a little tricky, it is still the easiest way to save money. There are some hazards while commuting on a bus like slip and fall hazards as some careless riders may spill a drink or two on the bus. Though transit buses are washed every day, one may choose to direct the water or fluid into the drain cover on the bus to make commute safer for everyone. Losing a cell phone, wallet, jewelry, presto cards or even bus passes on the transit bus is just as common. Carrying fewer belongings and personal items on the transit system may reduce this loss. Also, being trained on first aid and CPR may come handy in case of asthma attacks due to allergies and so on. Overall, Presto cards and bus passes together make transit commuting faster, convenient and more accessible in terms of timings.

   Though taking transits may seem convenient and cost-effective, there are times when one has to explore other options. When one misses a transit bus in freezing winter he/she might consider taking taxi or Uber to work or back home. With some places in Canada experiencing temperatures thirty degrees or more below freezing, having an uber app installed on a  GPS enabled phone could be a lifesaver for emergencies. Many also consider ride sharing to work and school. Since each person pays their share of the ride, it’s almost like taking a minibus for commute whether that minibus is a Dodge Grand Caravan or a four-door Nissan Sentra. Not to mention, the convenience of waking up on your own time as well as saving cash if riding with a group of friends with a common budget. In conclusion, commuting around GTA or even Canada has never been easier with multiple commute options always available for riders.

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