Hotel & Motel: Ratings


   Whether one is working security at a hotel or manages bookings as a receptionist, whether one keeps an eye on the laundry facilities or supervises cafeteria at the hotel. Whether one does maintenance or moves new furniture in renovated parts of the hotels. Everyone has a role to play in improving a hotel’s rating. After all, rating plays a big role in hospitality and tourism business.

   There may be new apps on the market or youtube instructional videos on maximizing bookings. However, if one works in these hotels or motels even for a few days, he will quickly realize that apps have minimal impact on bookings. With the saturated app market, tourists now rely on service standards and “word of mouth” recommendations. These recommendations are usually based on things like accessibility, room service, and emergency services. Accessibility has to do with how far the hotel/motel might be from the airport or places of interest. This accessibility means tourists and visitors alike have to spend less to get more. The distance from the hotel to the mall could be of great interest since shopping is one of the major tourist activities. Next, are places of interest like a major tourist attraction. In Canada, these attractions include but not limited to CN tower, Blue Mountain, Toronto Zoo and so on. Some tourists may also be looking for nightlife attractions nearby. Food is another factor in terms of accessibility. Accessibility to locally diverse restaurants could bring a hotel’s rating among the top few. Not to mention, a cafeteria in a hotel could mean breakfast at convenience which may add to the ratings. Travel agencies that operate from the hotel could also be a great factor in increasing hotel rating. Secondly, room service is also important to many travelers. Clean rooms without odor mean guests can be invited in without much cleanup. Carpets with permanent odors from pets or beverages is a major distraction. So are missing curtains that reduce privacy. Drain Clogs or plumbing issues can be devastating to hotel ratings. Furthermore, those with babies and kids would often need their room mattress pads, pillows and bed sheets replaced every now and then. Those with disabilities would need extra assistance from room service. A Disability means emergency services should also be available. Whether its first aid and CPR or ambulance service in case of asthma or heart attack for patients with high cholesterol, diabetes and chain smokers alike. Well-illuminated parking lots that provide ample of space for emergency services, guests, visitors and staff alike may contribute to a positive hotel rating. Smoke alarms that lead to a fire drill and sprinkler activation are features that are crucial to safety and hence add to hotel rating. Since violence from substance abuse is also common in hotels and motels, simply the presence of security could be a key to maintaining safe environment standards and a good hotel rating. Overall, accessibility, room service, and emergency services could be key factors in improving hotel ratings and getting the hotels booked to every last room.

In conclusion, hotel ratings are key to customer satisfaction. Though employees and services contribute to hotel ratings, travelers are equally responsible for maintaining a welcoming environment. Avoiding violence inside the hotel as well as avoiding a smoke break in non-smoking areas may add to the already pleasant travel experience.

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