Newspaper Vs Internet Ads


   If one is a carrier or delivery boy for a local newspaper, he wakes up five o clock in the morning to start his routine. Then, he collects newspapers as well as flyer inserts from the route supervisor. Next, he speedily inserts all the flyers in the main newspapers. These flyers include anything from grocery coupons to real estate advertisements. Then, he systematically plans out his route as per the map was given to him by his supervisor. When he is ready to go, he takes the newspaper buggy with wheels and starts his journey. “Odd-even, Odd-even” numbers he says to himself based on the odd-even house numbers on his route. The newspapers are then stuffed in all the mailboxes, some new while others old and rusty. Some mailboxes before the driveway begin while others right beside the main entry door. Some mailboxes on the door itself while other houses don’t even have mailboxes. In this case, the newspapers are secured between the storm door and the main entry door. It is during this time that one of the homeowner’s pet might be loose and jumps out of the entry door as soon as the owner opens the door to collect his delivery. The newspaper boy runs as fast as he can but the dog almost catches up to him. Just when he thinks he is going to get bitten, the homeowner calls his pet back like all this time he was watching an entertaining show! Entertaining might be for the owner but for the boy, it’s pay cheque. The same pay cheque which now the internet offers!

   Internet advertisements are one of the fastest growing industry as per today’s standards. Information is exchanged faster than any other goods or service. Consumers sip through every page of online information like a cup of coffee. Even newspapers that offer print versions also offer the same news online. It is at this time, one might wonder why people still buy newspapers? From coupons to concert tickets, newspaper advertisement to real estate websites, sports news to entertainment, all are available at the click of the mouse. In fact, many websites and applications rely on advertisements as their sole source of income. Third party advertisers pay commission for every click on their advertisement. A little google research is all it takes to uncover the world of advertisements. Even video hosting sites like you-tube offer monetization to video uploaders based on viewers and subscribers. The more the viewers and subscribers, the more advertisements and the increased probability of online sales. Websites that offer video streaming to websites that offer video downloads, all rely on advertisements for income. Compared to newspapers, these advertisements change with the taste of viewers. Every website the viewer visits, the tracking cookie records the IP address for consumer surveys and other applications. The types of websites he visits indicate his taste in music, movies, products, services and so on. Those who don’t mind surveys or even like surveys stick to the internet for their news while others who like their privacy screen prefer newspapers.

   In conclusion, the Internet may be the fastest and largest source of information but some people still prefer information via the age-old method of newspapers. Maybe, its because they simply don’t like to install software to remove spyware, malware, adware, tracking cookies and other bugs that might cause their computers to crash. Computers which they otherwise use strictly for work, business and skype!

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