Kitchen Faucets


   Kitchen faucets and granite countertops are probably one of the most popular home renovations. Faucets are not only installed for aesthetics but for replacement as well. Drain clogs and sprayer readjustments are some reasons for kitchen faucet replacement. Parts analysis and operating principle of a kitchen faucet are relatively simple. Though one may prefer a licensed plumber, kitchen faucet replacements may be done by any handyman.

   Kitchen faucets mainly consist of a faucet assembly and a side sprayer. The faucet assembly includes a handle to turn the water on and off. The same handle may be used to adjust pressure as well water temperature. This water handle has a set screw which acts as a fulcrum for the handle. Next, the set screw is covered with an index for aesthetics. Also, the handle is connected to the faucet itself via a cartridge, bonnet and a cap. Then, there is an aerator that controls the water pressure from the faucet alongside many other functions. Also, there is a washer and an “O-ring” that connects the faucet to the base. Furthermore, there is is a diverter, bolt and a mounting nut that secures the faucet handle and tap to the sink countertop. Next, a rubber gasket is often present and is sandwiched between the countertop and the faucet to avoid metal damage on the countertop. Also, a side spray is fitted in the faucet base slot with a sprayer support and a mounting nut. Overall, the different parts of kitchen faucet come with different functions. Any missing part may affect the function of the faucet while any corrosion would mean a risky replacement job.

   The operating principle of a kitchen faucet is quite straightforward. Water from the main line enters the hot and cold supply lines for the faucet. The supply lines are fitted with a pressure regulator that also acts as an on/off switch for the water to flow through. Then, the water enters the faucet tap where it is again regulated for pressure and temperature by the faucet handle. Overall, the operating principle of a kitchen faucet is straightforward and allows the handyman to detect any issues like water leaks.

   In conclusion, kitchen faucets and countertops are popular renovation items. Though most units are standard for countertops, the additional thickness of custom countertops may mean adjustments in some parts like sprayer support in terms of length. Aerators may also be modified as per custom need especially if kitchen sink is being used as an alternative to dishwasher to avoid appliance depreciation and water usage. Overall, with the market for custom designed kitchens, cabinets, cupboards and countertops on the rise, entrepreneurs may look to modify existing parts to fit their needs.

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