Spiders: Creepy Architects & Hunters

   There are all sorts of spiders on this planet. Some good in fishing while others good swimmers, some good diggers while others good net builders. Spiders are natures creepiest insects but are considered successful hunters.

   One such spider is solifuge. They have long sensitive hairs that detect the slightest  movement in the air. Their strange sensitive cups pick up minute vibrations.  Their mandibles may even crush an armor-plated scorpion while their sticky fingertips use pressure to catch and hold on to prey. They ambush by sticking leg like glue and use their jaws to turn prey into digestible mush. Next, is the jumping spider which is about thirty times its body length. This is equivalent to a human jumping half a football field. It’s three hundred and sixty-degree vision uses venom to kill flies. Next, is the fishing spider. This spider is capable breathing under water. Its huge fangs help this spider to walk on water and detect prey through vibrations.  The hairs create air bubble while the lungs draw oxygen from the bubble. It kills its prey like fish by injecting venom. Golden orb spider is another type of creepy spider. It takes them about hundred and sixty million years to perfect its skills of web building to catch prey like grasshoppers. While most spiders live on the surface or above the surface, the diving bell spider lives under water. This spider has no fins or gills but rather builds submarine type air supply to survive underwater like no other spider. Next, is the baboon spider. It lives in an underground burrow about thirty centimeters below the surface. It catches its prey by detecting vibration through its ten-centimeter leg span. One of the most successful predators on the planet is the bark spider. This spider uses the bark of the tree for camouflage. It is said that spider silk is the strongest natural material on the planet and this spider builds webs with the most tensile strength of all spider webs. Though most spider toxin is harmless to humans, black widow is one of the spiders with dangerous neurotoxin. Its toxin is fifteen times more potent than the rattlesnake.  Spiders are also good attention seekers. For example, peacock spider fights and dances to create a mating atmosphere. However, the biggest spider is the Goliath spider. This spider has a leg span of thirty centimeters and feeds on mice and birds. It’s thirty-centimeter leg span relies on touch for senses as well as injects paralyzing venom in the bloodstream.  Overall, spiders are successful hunters.

   In conclusion, spiders are not only creepy but successful hunters. Extensive research on spider silk has led to sheep cloning with spiders. This spider silk is said to have applications in textile by making fabric as strong as Kevlar if not stronger.

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