Fact OR Fiction

Lion is to a jungle as king is to the game of Chess?
Porcelain is to a pot as Concrete is to a caisson?
Crocodile is to a river as vulture is to sky?
Grass is to a lawn as hair is to body?
Carpet is to floor as road is to unpaved roads?
Whales are to oceans as elephants are to land?
Laundry is to dirty clothes as nail cutter is to nails?
Wall is to racquetball as swimmer is to a pool?
A striker is to a carom board as a puck is to Ice hockey?
Play station is to gaming as projector is to movies?
Spider man is to a web as batman is to a rope and bat mobile?
A dog is to shed as security guard is to security?
A barbecue is to a party as hot dog cart is to a business?
A car is to a garage as truck is to a parking lot?
A door plate is to an address as name is to a person?
A cure is to cancer as life is to dead?
A mosquito is to malaria as sugar is to diabetes?
A heart is to a body as capital is to a country?
A bullet is to a gun as an arrow is to a bow?
Hearing is to sound as sight is to light?
Fingers are to hand as toes are to feet?
A bell is to a building as ringtone is to a cellphone?
Tires are to a vehicle as legs are to humans?
Inventory is to racks as containers are to cargo ships?
Wind is to tornado as mantle crust is to an earthquake?
Tsunami is to ocean as volcano is to a mountain?
A blanket is to a bed as a shirt is to a body?
Shoes are to feet as gloves are to hand?
Electricity is to lights as natural gas is to stove?
A sinkhole is to foundation as flood is to ocean shore?
Gems are to jewellery as book covers are to books?
Gold is to bracelet as brass is to sculpture?
Fence is to perimeter as wall is to a border?
A airplane is to an airport as a ship is to a sea port?
Dust mask is to dust as oxygen mask is to water?
Blood is to veins as water is to well?
A passenger is to a bus as rider is to a taxi?
A student is to school as researcher is to Internet?
A thorn is to plants as barbs are to wired fence?
Land is to freedom as good credit is to debt?
Bank is to money as investment is to stocks?
Drama is to a show as politics is to a media?
A court is to law as God is to religion?
Paradise is to followers as hell is to rebellion?
Cash is to ATM as direct deposits are to online banking?
A hump is to a camel as a twisted tail is to a fox?
Water is to ocean as sand is to desert?
A mesh is an object as skin is to a body?
Medicine is to disease as herbs are to ailments?
A seed is to a tree as foundation is to a structure?
A roof is to a house as an umbrella is to rain?
A shingle is to a roof as rebars are to a structure?
A furnace is to heat as a tap is to water?
Food is to kitchen as chemicals are to a lab?
Pesticide is to pests as medicine is to disease?
A chef is to a restaurant as driver is to a highway?
A door is to an entrance as garage is to a vehicle?
A tower is to a city as focal point is to a picture?
Exports are to commodity market as housing is to real estate market?
Gold and silver are to precious metals as aluminium and steel are to metals?
Hardwood is to living room as tiles are to a kitchen?
A screen is to a laptop as monitors are to a CPU?
A radio is to information as media is to news?
Hardware is to home improvement as leather cases are to cellphones?
A wallet is to a credit card as a piggy bank is to coins?
A basketball is to a net as darts are to a dart board?
A cue is to pool as bat is to a baseball?
A stadium is to cricket as swimming pool is to Olympics?
A race track is to cars as filed track is to sprinters?
Wild salmon is to ocean as birds are to migrations?
Faith is to judgement day as honesty is to book of accounts?
Technology is to progress as man is to evolution?
A Microprocessor is to a circuit board as brain is to a body?
A virus is to a disease as bacteria is to an outgrowth?
Air is to lungs as food is to body ?
A nose is to air as mouth is to food?
Soil is to a pot as water is to a jug?
A juicer is to fruits as chopper is to vegetables?

A Giant Squid is to an ocean as werewolf is to a forest?

Crop Circles are to a field as art is to a sketchbook?

A simile is to a sentence as comparison is to objects?