Curtain and Blinds Installation

Following are the steps to install curtain and blinds for residential projects…

a) For curtains, measure the length of the curtain to determine the height (from the ground up) for curtain rod bracket placement.


b) Measure distance from the window (sideways) for curtain rod bracket placement.


c) Use a leveler to align the mark for drilling…


d) Drill the marks on both sides of the window for curtain rod bracket placement.

e) Place screw caps in the holes before screwing in the bracket.


f) Place curtain rods on the bracket before extending them to fit the length of the window opening.


g) Secure the side edges by screwing in rod caps


For Blinds:

a) Measure the width of blinds to mark and align blind brackets inside the window opening.


b) Screw in the blind brackets in the window opening.


c) Place the blinds in the bracket.


d) Secure the blinds.




Roof Truss

     One of the major advantages of having a security license is being able to work at construction sites as a handyman if needed. This includes but not limited to setting up scaffolds for roofers, assisting cranes to lift trusses and checking delivery papers and roof truss condition as they come pre-assembled from the factory. One might ask why a security guard might be hired rather than a handyman? The answer is the roof truss alone in most major construction projects are worth well over a million dollars as well as the rental equipment used in construction like forklift, cranes, bulldozer, snow removal, trucks can be an added liability if moved or stolen from the construction sites. Besides, worksite safety is also important.

Following are the steps leading up to roof truss placement for most major residential or commercial construction projects.

  1. Measurements are taken by engineers for roof truss – rafter length and the angle at the construction site.
Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

2. Roof truss come preassembled from Factory/warehouse (eg. Sarnia)

3. A Crane used to lift the truss is set in position.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

4.  Chains are used to hook trusses to the crane.

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Created with Nokia Smart Cam

5. The Crane then lifts up the roof truss at an appropriate angle as required for the placement.

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Created with Nokia Smart Cam

6. Roof Trusses are finally nailed in and secured.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Installing Sash and Basement window screen

a) Cut the damaged screen around the window net frame
b) Remove the spline using utility knife
c) place new screen directly over the frame
d) Use screen tool over spline to tighten and secure screen to window frame
e) Cut the excess screen from outside the frame groove

Window screen or window mesh is one of the main features of window installations. Whether it’s basement windows, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom windows – all windows need safety features in today’s unpredictable world. Many consumers prefer window mesh over storm windows with glass and screen panels. The reason for this preference is air circulation. But the advantages of window mesh come with many feedbacks. Though window mesh is often manufactured to retain maximum profit, safety features of window mesh are often ignored. Today, most window meshes are installed to keep debris, dust, animals, insects, and pests outside. But they are still vulnerable to home burglary and home invasion.

With declining economy, increasing debt and unemployment, many places in the world are experiencing high crime rates. Burglary and home invasion are on the rise. Though Kevlar/carbon fibers are often not considered for window mesh materials, they could be a source of anti-burglary window mesh/screens. Kevlar is used for bulletproof vests has higher tensile strength than steel making it impossible to cut through with a regular knife. Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is stiff and lightweight. Though these materials may be expensive to source and manufacture, they do have a consumer market of customers who want to save burglary expense and keep families safe.

Rebars & Uses

1) Rebars are transported to the construction site

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

2) Rebars are bundled up according to their size e.g. A rebar with a metric size 25M will have a diameter of 25.2mm or 2.52cm (Rebar thickness).

3) Concrete is then drilled along the edges of concrete balcony/patio in residential construction.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

4) Rebars are then cut using special rebar saw as per the dimensions of the hole in the drilled concrete…

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

5) Concrete Adhesive anchoring kit is used to fill the concrete holes with anchoring adhesive before permanently placing the rebar in the concrete

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

6) Vertical and horizontal rebars are connected to corner Rebars using rebar ties…..

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

7) Heat sink pipes/slabs (for temperature controlled snow melt) are then installed along the Rebars using cable ties…

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

8) Solid particles, rocks, and other waste along the edges of Rebars and formwork are removed using a heavy duty construction vacuum…. Note: Even a tiny nail can cause an air gap after concrete pour over…These air gaps expand in winter as water that seeps in cools into ice causing cracks in concrete and eventually leading to breaking apart of larger concrete chunks/blocks…

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

9) Concrete is finally poured over and allowed to cool down….Concrete formwork is then removed.

Cellphone Batteries

    Cell phone batteries have become an important accessory in the spare department! With the number of cell phone users expected to reach 2.6 billion by 2019, it is no wonder that cell phone batteries have become a lucrative product in the consumer electronics industry. “Most of the mobile market growth can be attributed to the increasing popularity of smartphones” (Statista, 2016). With online world becoming more popular and important in people’s lives, it is no wonder smartphones are evolving and becoming more complex at a rate unprecedented. With this complexity, arises the demand for service industry for cell phones. Many businesses that sell phones in the market, service them as well! Battery installation is one of the many services that cell phone stores, shops and booths provide. To the consumer, it is easy and convenient to get their cell phone batteries installed when they purchase them. Some choose to buy batteries online and do the installation themselves but damage the phone in the process of disassembling them with their inexperienced hands. Hence, knowledge of batteries is important which includes battery life, battery installation and types of chargers that are used in the market!

   First of all, one is able to avoid surprises after purchasing an expensive gadget if he/she checks the features of the battery for that particular model of cell phone. All online retailers/wholesalers list battery specifications on their website. These specifications include the battery capacity, model compatibility, and practical battery life. The battery capacity which is listed in mAh (milliampere per hour) is a unit of electric charge over time transferred by one steady current of one ampere flowing for an hour! All batteries for different smartphones have different battery capacity and so this unit listing is important in case one does not know if their phone model is compatible with that battery! Next, listed under specifications is model compatibility. One can verify if their cell phone model listed at the back of the phone is compatible with their battery. Also, listed under features is the practical cellphone battery life. It shows the talk time for that cell phone as well as standby time! For example, I phone 5S batteries give ten hours of talk time (2g/3g) and 250 hours in standby mode when not in use! This is crucial in preventing cell phone shutdowns due to the low battery during an important call or using a GPS on the phone while driving for example! Hence, these compatibility and description listings not only add to the knowledge of batteries but help in the purchase of battery chargers.

   Secondly, the knowledge of batteries is crucial in the purchase of battery chargers. These battery chargers include the various wall plug-in, USB chargers, and power cases available in the market! Battery chargers range from $10 to $30 for a power case while some are even more expensive. The talk time indicates what kind of charger a user may buy. Also, many cell phone user manuals online have user manuals that show a user how to check for battery power used by different device activities such as camera, apps etc! Some consume more power than other reducing average battery life overall. Based on cell phone usage and average battery life, one can spend an appropriate amount on cell phone battery chargers and spare batteries. For example, a power case may extend battery life by a couple of hours which is crucial when traveling or when one does not have access to wall outlets!

   Last but not least, the knowledge of cell phones for which the cell phone battery is purchased determines the types of installation needed! For some cell phone like Nokia, one only needs to pop the back cover upon to install the battery without the need for phone disassembly. Other phones however like Apple’s I phones might need a professional technician to install the batteries if one is to save himself from damaging the parts. The technicians also carry appropriate tools for different cell phone models which gave saves the user extra bucks being spent on disassembly tools. Though many websites list repair and disassembly manuals and guides, it is very easy to lose a screw or two and even to break the inside parts with the pry bar. Some even break their screens while installing batteries as the phone slips out of their hands. Thus, it’s crucial to battery installation that one has knowledge about the batteries.

   In conclusion, though the online retailers have battery description and specifications listed on their website, not all cell phones are listed! Consumers who buy cell phones online are often not provided with this information! Hence, manufacturers provide cell phone battery data sheet with all battery specs listed.

I phone Tool Pry-bar for battery replacement without damage

Iphone Tool Prybar.jpg