Fact Or Fictional

The vibration of buzz bee is to ears as the musical note A is to an orchestra

A refrigerator is to cooling as an oven is to heating?

A toaster is to bread as flour is to a dough maker?

Slavery is to brutality as freedom is to mercy?

Land A is to freedom as prison is to crime?

Programming is to software as memory is to brain?

Laundry is to stain as volunteering is to guilt?

Involvement is to participation as discussion is to survey?

A solution is to problem as cure is to disease?

A dryer is to indoor laundry as a clip hanger is to outdoor drying?

A bidet system is to washroom as a chair lift is to a wheel chair?

Papers are to trees as metals are to machinery?

Fries are to potatoes as kale chips are to kale?

A dryer is to clothing as dehydrator is to food?

A bolt is to a toilet as a hinge is to a door?

A horse is to a stable as a human is to a property?

A scorpion is to an insect as a snake is to a reptile?

A Buffalo is to a lion what a whale is to a shark?

Speed is to progress as research is to evolution?

Sustainability is to habitat as affordability is to housing?

A loan is to a borrower as credit card is to a creditor?

Mathematics is to numbers as chemistry is to experiments?

” A Brush is to an artist as Chisel is to a sculptor”

A pencil sharpener is to a pencil as a knife sharpener is to a knife?

Taste is to tongue as touch is to fingers?

Sight is to eyes as breathing is to nose?

Immigration is to migration as moving is to a new home?

Fruits are to trees as flower are to plants?

A hair clipper is to hair as a nail cutter is to nails?

A diamond is to a jewel as property is to an element?

A Helical screw is to a water pump as wind turbine is to a windmill?

Material is to foundation as blood is to a body?

Tensile strength is to material as speed is to a vehicle?

Insurance is to property as credit collection agencies are to loan?

An Electric Can Opener is to a can as Electromagnets are to vehicles?

A payroll is to employee as a tax refund is to a tax payer?

Irony is to an event as metaphor is to a phrase?

A worm is to soil as a fish is to a lake?

Slugs are to plants as bugs are to furniture?

A Mine is to Gold as a well is to oil?

An abandoned mine is to a hazard as speed is to public roads?

Dinosaur Fossils are to geology as the Mummy is to history?

Payments are to Bills as mortgage is to an asset?

A safari is to a lion park as a tour is to a city?

Transmission lines are to Air navigation apps as speed cameras are to road navigation apps?

Artifacts are to Museum as Airplanes are to Airports?

A submarine is to water as an Elevator is to a building?

A racing track is to a drag race as soccer is to a playground!

A drift is to tires as sound is to a radio?

A garage is to a mechanic as office is to an accountant?

A surveillance camera is to vehicles as a smoke detector is to fire?

Gliding is to a boat as skydiving is to an Airplane?

A dog is to its owner as security is to an asset?

Research is to a disease as prep work is to an event?

Algae is to water as methane is to sewage?

A torpedo is to water as a bullet is to Air?

A haunting is to a house as a mystery is to history?

A clue is to investigation as a map is to treasure?

A railroad is to trains as Wind is to boats?

A GPS tracker is to an asset as satellites are to hurricanes?

Journalism is to news coverage as an alibi is to an accident ?

A Chopper is to Niagara Falls as a cruise ship is to exotic destinations ?

Coca Cola is to a soft drink as Dell is to computers?

Role playing is to an act as Acting is to a film?

A fall from heights is to an accident as flood is to drowning?

A brawl is to a public place as vandalism is to a shop?

A horse is to a stable as a bear is to a cave?

Travel is to Travel Insurance as Robbery is to burglary Insurance?

A Horse is to a stable as a car is to a garage?

Fire is to a peril as heights is to a risk?

A car is to a safety barrier as a cow is to a stall?

A mirror is to a side swipe on the road as scratches are to sideswipe on the parking lot?

A cruise ship is to an iceberg as a vehicle is to a pole?

A 3D model is to architecture as a trailer is to a movie?

A submarine is to research as metal detectors are to gold and silver?

A check is to forgery as Internet is to ID theft?

Knives and am munition are to personal property Insurance as Collision and Upset are to Auto Insurance.

A Nail is to an injury as an oven is to a burn?

Sulphuric Acid is to burns as a drill bit is to stab?

Trespassing is to a property as invasion is to a kingdom?

Bows and Arrows are to personal property Insurance as impact by Airplanes and choppers are to dwelling Insurance?

A truck is to a human as a giant is to a doll?

Body Injury is to Torts as fire damage to farm and stables are to commercial property and farm coverage?

A side swipe is to a vehicle as hull damage from ice is to a ship?

Contractor’s Equipment Floater is to tools as flooring is to tenant’s Improvements coverage?

Air conditioning is to boiler and machinery policy as mortgages are to valuable paper and records Insurance?

Surgical Instruments are to a surgery as a saw is to construction?

A ghost is to paranormal activity as particle theory is to physics?

Pick pocket is to theft coverage as antiques are to personal property coverage?

Property Damage from Animals are to Commercial property exclusion as Books Of Account are to personal Property Exclusion?

Trespass and Burglary are to Insured perils as pollutants are to uninsured perils?

Glass is to commercial property endorsement as shipping a commercial shipment is to commercial property floater?

Moving is to personal property Insurance as a travel is to Travel Insurance

Theft is to broad coverage as safe burglary is to specified peril?

Property in transit is to commercial coverage while Freezer food is to personal property Insurance?

Meat and food spoilage is to mechanical breakdown while Fire department expenses are to fire under liability coverage?

Liability of a landlord is to a tenant as a liability of a contractor is to his employees?

Standard Mortgage Clause is to a mortgagee as Insurance is to an Insured?

A canoe is to a swamp as a boat is to a lake?

Vehicle Impact is to property damage as bullets is to body injury?

Railing is to a staircase as a pillar is to a structure?

A camel is to a desert as a horse is to land?

A horse is to a treasure chest as a Van is to cargo?

A Boxing rink is to a sport as a chess board is to a board game?

A truck carrying lumber or logs of wood is to a hazard as an explosion from propane gas is to peril?

Air plane tickets is to air travel as ride-share is to a road trip?

A loose or weak rope is to a hazard as a fall is to a peril?

A vacation is to a home inspector or bailee as a collision is to a dash-cam?

A clown is to a circus as a comedian is to a stage?

An insured performance is to a circus as Insured luggage is to Air travel?

Meat is to freezer Insurance as plants are to dwelling Insurance?

Smoke is to smoke alarm as Fire is to Fire Sprinklers?

A costume is to halloween as a dress is to an event?

A crack is to a frozen lake as a sinkhole is to soil?

Stones and calcites are to caves as pillars and sculptures are to a museum?

An operator is to a ride as a traffic controller is to traffic?

A GPS is to a missing child as a phone finder app is to a cellphone?

Upset is to Car Explosion as a gas leak is to an explosion in the property?

A baseball bat and a shotgun is to personal property Insurance as a computer is to personal computer coverage?

A morgue is to an autopsy as Auto Accidents are to photographs for Insurance claims?

Vandalism is to a dwelling as riots is to commercial property?

Property in transit is to commercial Insurance as falls from heights are to body injury torts?

Auto upholstery is to auto Insurance as Ammunition storage is to personal property Insurance?

Insurance is to a dictionary as medicine is to an Encyclopedia?