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Chess is a game of strategy. It is played on an 8 by 8 square board. This game consists of a pawn, rook, knight, bishop, queen, and king. The purpose of this game is to checkmate the king piece which involves using all the other pieces.

   The pawn is equivalent to that a soldier. There are eight pawns in each player’s arsenal at the beginning of the game. It can move one or two-step initially but then only move one step on the board. This pawn usually kills another pawn diagonally on the board. When it reaches the eight square of the board, it has an option of upgrading either to bishop, rook, knight or queen.

The rook is equivalent to that an elephant. It moves in a straight pattern front or to the side. It can move as many squares as possible in a straight line. It kills any other piece in its path.

The knight is equivalent to of a horse on a battlefield. It moves two and a half squares. Two squares to the front and half to the right.It kills any other piece in its path as it moves either starting straight on the board or sideways.

The bishop is equivalent of a camel. It moves diagonally on the chess board. It also kills any other piece diagonally on the chess board.

The queen is the prize piece of the game. She moves both diagonally like a bishop and straight line like the rook.In her aim to checkmate the king, she kills anything and anyone in her path.

The king is the ultimate game decider. It moves only one step at a time in either direction. A player who checkmates opponent’s king with other pieces and his own king wins the game.

In conclusion, chess is strategic and fun in nature. In the ancient times, this game was actually a way to develop a strategy on the battlefield.