In – Game Items vs Consumer products

   Whether one owns a home or business in second life or have a google sketch up account. Whether one posts cue ideas on miniclips pool blog or design concept vehicles for driving simulation games. Whether one is exploring strategies and ingame items for Mobile Strike or simply planning to build a flash based chess game to increase website traffic. Whether one is building an app or sharing emoticons on Flickr. Whether one is sharing images on Wikipedia or Flickr under creative commons. Whether one is writing a blog or research essay or testing for facts from Wikipedia and google sources, three dimensional objects have applications in all these scenarios. Their use comes in form of images, game imports and 3-d printing. With 3-dimensional printing becoming increasingly popular around the world, the websites and services associated with this business are becoming more user friendly. Many websites also share images of 3-d objects on the internet via google or google images. Though, these images may look similar to those of products on Amazon, E bay and DH Gate, there are some key differences between consumer products on 3-d print sites and the ones on E Bay and Amazon.

   First of all, 3-d print products are relatively new to the market with many of them uploaded by designers rather than people who manufacture products for a business. Though these products may be tested by designers as shown in most product and material demo’s on the site, they are relatively entrepreneurial products compared to consumer products in trend on E bay, Amazon and DH Gate.  Next, the print materials available on most 3-d print service based websites are relatively newly discovered or in use while the ones on E bay and Amazon have been used in the consumer products over and over again. Though, these websites have fact sheets and product safety guidelines on most if not all materials, the materials are mostly for prototypes and samples rather than for mass production. These prototypes and samples may be used once for projects, games, business or mass produced by manufacturers for business. Compared to E bay and amazon, which have relatively standard and one-liner product description, 3-dimensional products need to be described in more detail for entrepreneurs. Most of these are designed with a specific property or function in mind which is not a trend in the consumers market of E-bay and Amazon. Research products or products based on research may even have links and references to the fashion context (eg. movies, music videos and you tube videos) and applications. Many toys and educational products based on research are designed to check for material facts from material samples. Finally, some of these 3-d print products may simply be a part of blog or websites that sell essays and academic research papers while consumer products on E bay or amazon do not need an application essay or a blog to target a specific audience. Overall, there are some major differences between three dimensional products and consumer products on Amazon and E bay.

   In conclusion, despite the differences between 3-dimensional products and consumer products, the quality of the print materials offered by most 3-dimensional printing service based business online and business that simply sell these materials is as good as a finished consumer product and a functional one too! So, whether one is a entrepreneurial home owner looking to print new materials or products for home renovation and increase real estate prices or a car mechanic looking to solve rusting issues in most used vehicles, 3-dimensional print services may be the solution. With 3 – dimensional printers and materials available all over the world, the consumer demand has escalated mining for metals and precious metals wherever these resources are available. Product invention and innovation for applications like construction, consumer electronics, auto industries etc may start from ground up with new materials.  Not to mention, the platform 3-d printing may provide software and apps developers for consumer applications.

Slip & Fall Hazards

   Slip and fall accidents however bizarre may be more common than car accidents. “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year about 235,000 people over age 15 visit emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in the bathroom, and almost 14 percent are hospitalized. More than a third of the injuries happen while bathing or showering. More than 14 percent occur while using the toilet“. Research statistics also indicate that slip and fall on sidewalks due to snow and black ice buildup, as well as kitchen accidents, are more common than one might think!

   Sidewalks are more prone to slip and fall accidents than the slippery conditions created for vehicles by black ice on roads that result in tire skids. Sidewalks that are not properly cleaned of snow not only result in to slip and fall accidents but also lawsuits. These lawsuits are often directed by victims towards owners of properties that failed to shovel the sidewalks creating hazardous conditions. Black ice on the drive way or patio stairs also leads to slip and fall accidents. These areas of the property are usually spread with salt to avoid black ice from developing in extreme weather. Should ice formation be evident despite the use of salt, one may try using metal shovels or similar consumer products to break this dangerous ice formation! Snow blowers and heated driveways are often regarded as solutions to the problem. Also, consumer products like heft attached to a snow shovel make shoveling easy without resulting in to back pain problems and efficient snow cleanup. For the slip and fall victims, properly tied shoelaces with shoelace beads as well as shoe spikes may stop the catastrophe. Shoes and other footwear must also be scraped clean to avoid bringing water inside a house or building. Shoe hangers instead of shoe racks can help keep track of water spills and create less mud and mess inside a residential or commercial structure!

   Slip and fall accidents are also evident in washrooms. Many accidents occur near bathtubs, sinks, and toilets where water on the floor or tiles is often overlooked. Controlling the water pressure from shower caps also means controlling the water that falls outside the bathtub.  Water may also accumulate in the bathtub as a result of hair accumulation near the drain of a missing bathtub drain cover. A tightly sealed drain cover or a malfunctioning drain cover lift mechanism might be raised with a ruler to avoid water accumulation in the bathtub. This water usually results in a slip and fall accident as soon as one climbs out of the shower. Bathtub injuries are often due to excess soap foam in the bathtub. This build-up can be prevented by using a properly installed soap stand. Shower drains are also culprits in these sip and fall disasters! An unlevelled shower drain due to replenishment of grout leads to dangerous metal edges of the drain exposed. Metal shower drains are also more slippery than some other consumer products available in the market. Shower curtain clips that do not hold the curtains as they fill up with water in a tub may result in water spills! These curtains easily come off the clips and spread water all over the washroom floors. that easily come off the Also, a bathtub handle may stop slip and fall in the tub. Other than bathtubs and shower areas, washroom sinks and countertops are also culprits in slip and fall accidents! A malfunctioning lift mechanism for washroom sink drain cover may lead to water accumulation and water spills on the floor eventually leading to accidents. Foam buildup from shaving cups or soaps on countertops also leads to accidents. A soap stand on washroom sinks especially in hotels and motels will not only prevent slip and fall as a result of excess foam buildup on and around the sink counter top but also reduce countertop damage caused by excess foam and water which result into thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

   Slip and fall accidents are evident in the kitchen. In the kitchen, sink faucet pressure is often an essential element in controlling water spills on the floor. This pressure may be controlled via changes in aerator design that lead to fewer water spills during a dishwashing session. Sink drain stoppers may also hold a key in fewer water spills on the kitchen countertop and floor leading to slip and fall accidents. Some sink drain stoppers are not only a hazard to slip and fall but a hazard to fingers due to the use of wire mesh that breaks from time to time. If these wire meshes are not replaced, they also result in to drain clogs and pipe clogs leading to thousands of dollars in replacements and plumbing labor expense!

   In conclusion, hazards from snow, ice, and water lead to accidents that can be avoided. One of the ways to successfully combat accidents and statistics is prevention! For example, preventing ice dams on roofs with an ice dam cable may save consumers roof damage and replacement costs that are in the thousands since roofs are the biggest investment in a residential structure. Preventing ice from forming on vehicle windshield may also help reduce gas usage and vehicle heating time!

Mathematics – “A Discovered Part Of Universe” OR “Human Invention”?

    Scientists have successfully landed a car-sized rover on Mars with the help of science and technology. Science, Technology, and Engineering have transformed the world with mathematics as its language. The physical world is said to have mathematical properties that science has only begun to decode in the past few decades. The stars with their constellation patterns, the symmetrical patterns of human body, the water waves produced when one throws a pebble inside a pond and the sound waves that are produced by a musical instrument, all have some mathematical relation deeply embedded in them. Mathematics is language defined by nature, sound properties, and human discoveries.

   First of all, patterns in nature show the nature of mathematics. Whether they are spirals in cabbage, elliptical orbits of planets or patterns in cones and foliages of many evergreen trees, there is a pattern of mathematics in them. As observations and science have proven, again and again, the existence of Fibonacci sequence as a number pattern in nature. When one starts with one plus one and keeps adding the preceding numbers, they are bound to find what mathematics defines as “Fibonacci sequence” named after a mathematician. Whether its “petal counts” or bottom of a pine cone, they all show mathematical patterns and Fibonacci sequence to some extent. Next, is the theory of “pi” or the numbers 3.14 (decimals) and 22/7 (fraction). This theory is a mathematical relation of patterns also found throughout nature. Whether the “colors of a rainbow” or the musical notes and chords, whether mountain peaks or water waves; the ratio between the circumference of the circular object and its diameter has been observed to be the number “pi” on all occasions. As experiments have shown when one takes a needle and drops it on a piece of paper with lines, “the probability that the needle cuts the line is approximate “2/pi”. The same may be said for a cannonball fired on a pirate ship battle during a Hollywood movie take. The probability that the cannonball might land on a certain part of the ship should be approximate “2/pi”. Then, there are constants in mathematics that constitute to “thirty-two numbers” used in several mathematical equations. To define these constants, one may take a digital photograph and count the number of pixels in that photo. One would clearly observe that there are constants of three colors in this pixelated photo. These color constants are red, green and blue. Furthermore, the elliptical orbits of planets around the sun as well as around themselves show mathematical relations. Interplanetary and Intraplanetary orbits are what makes us predict days in a calendar. If it weren’t for these relations, the accounting cycles, economics, and finance tied to the calendar would be unpredictable year after year. Even the patterns of geometry as showed by Plato’s shapes indicate mathematical relations. Hence, patterns in nature show the nature of mathematics.

  Secondly, the sound and light properties also define mathematical relationships. Whether its scales and chords or frequency chart, Fibonacci sequence or the number pi is observed to be evident in these relations.  The ratio between the chords of a vibrating string in a musical instrument is observed to be the number pi. In fact, these relations exist in probability theories as for the number pi and stocks as the Fibonacci sequence to some extent. The ratio of colors in a rainbow is observed to show the number “Pi”. Different light spectrum may also be observed to have some mathematical relation. Electromagnetic waves that travel at the speed of light also show mathematical relations. Hence, sound and light properties also define mathematical relationships.

   Last but not least, human discoveries and inventions define mathematical relations. The law of falling bodies can be tied to the force of gravity where the speed of acceleration is directly proportional to object mass multiplied by gravity constant. One may say that the weight of an object has no relation to its acceleration due to gravity since air resistance is what makes their speed different. But at the same time, one may also prove that the mass of an object directly affects is acceleration due gravitational pull based on the formula a = mg (where the acceleration due to gravity is directly proportional to object mass times gravity constant). This relation may be further illustrated by calculating the time relation to acceleration in a cannonball moving across a flat and frictionless ramp. It is observed that “distance is directly proportional to the square of time” in this relation. These laws discovered by humans also have their applications in games and computer software. Programs and codes are written for a game and software clearly show mathematical relations. The greater than, equal to, constants all used in visual basic or HTML are all evidence of game programming. Electromagnetic waves that travel at the speed of light also have mathematical relations at an atomic level. The famous Einstein equation e equals mc^2, clearly shows that mathematical relation. The advantages of discovering these mathematical relations are in their applications. Television remote control and garage door openers are all a result of electromagnetic waves discovered by exploring the relation between electricity and magnetism in the form of mathematical relations. “Maxwell equations” that lead to the development of radio waves by “Marconi” ultimately saved many lives on the “Titanic”. These are the same mathematical relations in physics that lead to the discovery of “Higgs particle”. Hence, human discoveries and inventions define mathematical relations.

  In conclusion, mathematics is language defined by nature, sound properties and human discoveries. It is not just humans that understand numbers but some animals and mammals as well. In a research experiment on Lemur’s in a Lemur sanctuary, it was demonstrated that Lemur’s used numbers and solved puzzles based on mathematical relations to get their food. But mathematics also has its limits and boundaries. The unpredictable weather forecasts, stock markets, human psychology, and biology are all subjects that indicate the boundaries of mathematics as a “domain of absolute”. These mathematical boundaries, as well as relations, may be explored through consumer products like an abacus frame (Probability theory) as well as researched with a cannonball made of different alloys.