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Coffee Anyone?

   For some a day might start with a double-double from Tim Horton’s while for other’s, the day might end with a hot chocolate at McDonald’s. Whether it’s the Ice Cap at Starbucks or bagel with cream cheese at any other drive thru’s, coffee is a currency of today’s “Gone with the Wind” life. Though there might be coffee machines at construction sites, warehouses or offices, there is nothing more refreshing than a coffee break at the nearby drive thru’s! Coffee is the gas of many pickups and the engine oil of several cargo vans. But for those working at coffee shop’s or drive thru’s, the eight-hour shift could end up taking them to law school!

   Coffee accidents are quite common either at drive-thru’s or at the office. Some accidents end up quite expensive while others not so much! Nevertheless, there is no supervisor, manager or owner in the world who would want an accident leading to a lawsuit on his shift. Hence, some solutions to the coffee problem are consumer products at the drive thru’s and extra coffee and tea accessory stock at the office! Consumer products include Coffee cup holders and coffee plates for drive-thru customers! For offices, one might consider coffee/tea mixers, tea mugs, and dishwasher friendly tea strainers even spare coffee cups with business logos! Even something as simple as a Drip tray can stop slip & fall accidents at the office, warehouse, college or elsewhere!

   In conclusion, Coffee is only refreshing both for the server and servee without its hazards!