Viruses: Life Creators or Deadly?

  Viruses are called “parasites that infect the cell and cause disease”. It is said that plants, animals or even humans were created by the virus. Scientists often wonder how these viruses created for destruction rather create life. Deadly viruses have microscopic armies that attack human cells and inject a piece of code in a cell to take control of DNA. By creating replica’s of itself, eventually leading to death. However, there are certain viruses that create life. To understand this phenomenon, one must understand the nature and capabilities of viruses in general.

   Viruses have a rather bizarre nature. One might think that viruses are limited to animals and humans. But in fact, viruses are everywhere. They are called “the king of the jungle”. Chimpanzees and humans have almost the same DNA. This DNA is composed of junk DNA which is ancient remains of retroviruses. These retroviruses are what are thought to be the cause of evolution. When bacteria and virus samples were studied, it was concluded that “Evolution got jump-started by a virus”. Hot springs were studied for viruses that have ancient lineages. When viruses that replicated itself without a host were found, scientists came to a conclusion. They concluded that “ancient viruses might have been the command and control center” that injected its code into primitive cells to become more complex. Sponges emerged as first animals as a result of these viruses. It had basic capabilities like filtering food by pumping water through their bodies. Then, came “Nyderians” or flower-like beings with muscles. Next, came flat worm-like animals with eyesight and other senses. Eventually, terrestrial animals and humans came into existence. Retroviruses in humans are said to play an important role in mating and pregnancy. They are directly involved in “the development of our large social brains”. Hence, viruses create life and play a healthy role in its development.

  Viruses that create life are also deadly. They often jump from animals to humans resulting in diseases like AIDS as a result of HIV virus. What an individual consumes has a direct relation to the viruses he invites. Places in the world that rely on trapping and butchering of wild animals are often prone to viruses. Hence, many cultures around the world even limit themselves to consumption of certain animals while many other eat a rather vegetarian diet. In a research study, viruses that jump from animals to humans lead to an incredibly high rate of a pandemic. Hence, some viruses are deadly.

  In conclusion, viruses have many capabilities. Some viruses create life while others destroy life. Studies and research into viruses have led to new fields of science and technology. One of the main ways, the virus is studied is through blood and other bodily fluids. Lack of facilities and technology in many parts of the world means innovation in existing consumer and research products.

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