Cellphone cases – Statistics

“This source (December 2013) says 75%: One-Quarter of Smartphone Owners Spurn Cases. This source (August 2012) says 78%: Things you never knew about the iPhone. This source (December 2013) says 75% in general for smartphone users, but 87% for iPhone users. One-in-four Smartphone Owners Don’t Use a Case” (Google)

“Let’s estimate that 10% of those 54 million buy an extra case or break one. That would be 5.4 million for a total of 59.4 million cases sold. You could do a similar calculation for each year. If you really wanted to get fancy you could graph the sales of I Phones per year and estimate what the coming year would be etc” (Google)


Iphone case.jpg
I phone Case in gold steel alloy
Iphone 5 case.jpg
I phone case in sandstone
Leather E – Reader Case – $8 (Shipping not included)

To calculate shipping rates from destination

Leather case weight: 86 grams

Similar Leather products:

  1. Photo ID card case: 114 grams (weight)
  2. Mouse pad : 98 grams :
  3. Leather wallet: 89 grams
  4. Leather Book Case: 80 – 150 grams based on book size

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