ZTE Z957 – Status

  1. Navigate to android’s home screen. Then, access settings on this screen.
ZTE Z957 – Settings

2. Access Status on this screen.

ZTE Z957 – Status

3. Status screen shows the following.

ZTE Z957 – Status

a. Battery Status: Shows whether your cell phone battery is charging or unplugged.

b. Battery Level: Shows the amount of battery life left.

c. Network: Shows either WI-Fi or cellular Network. For example, if connected to a Wi-Fi Network, Network may show as HOME. If connected to a cellular network, it will show the name of the network such as Chatr or Rogers.

d. Signal Strength: Shows either a strong or weak signal in dBm/asu.

e. Cellular Network Type: Shows either 3G, 4G or LTE network based on frequencies and speed of the network.

f. Service State: Shows what is accessible – whether voice or data.

g. Roaming: Shows whether one is inside or outside the coverage zone provided by their cellular plan and provider.

h. Cellular Network State: Shows whether network is connected or disconnected.

i. Phone Number: Shows phone number for the service provider linked with the SIM inside the Android.

j. IMEI: Shows IMEI number. This information may be used to unlock or blacklist cellphones.

k. IP Address

l. Serial Number

m. Uptime