IOS: Do Not Disturb Mode

There is a neat setting on most I phones if not all that allows users to manage and block incoming calls while busy with work or business. The Do Not Disturb Mode setting on I phones lets users manage and block calls. The following steps will show you how to access and use this setting effectively.

Step 1: Access your home screen on your I Phone.

Step 2: Access settings on your I phone’s Home screen.


Step 3: Navigate to your Do Not Disturb Mode setting on this screen.



Step 4: Turn ON your Do not Disturb Mode by moving the slider to the right. At this point, all calls and notifications that arrive while the phone is locked will be silenced.


As you may have noticed, there is an option to schedule your Do Not Disturb Mode setting. This option has many applications like Work time, Bed time, Driving etc.

Step 5: Turn the Scheduling option ON by moving the slider to the right.


Step 6: Set the hours for Scheduled Do Not Disturb Mode.




Step 7: Turn ON Bed time if you need to silence your calls.


DND 10

Step 8: Change the Silence settings to either Always silenced or silenced only while the I phone is locked. Should you need to silence your phone even while your I Phone is not on lock screen, you may use the Always Silenced option. If not, you may use the “While I phone is locked” option to silence your calls and notifications while your phone is on the lock screen.

DND 11

Step 9: Navigate to Allow Calls From and change this option to either “Everyone“, “No One“, “Favourites“, “All Contacts“.

DND 14

DND 12

Step 10: Should you have an Employer or Business Contact on the list, you may turn ON the Repeated Calls option. This option lets a second call from the same person go through. This option is great for emergencies.

DND 18

Step 11: You may now access the Do Not Disturb While Driving option on this screen. This option is perhaps one of the most useful setting on this screen. Should you have a GPS or blue tooth enabled device connected to your phone, this option will silence your calls and notifications as soon as you turn your GPS ON and activate your Bluetooth device.


DND 18

DND 15

Step 12: Should you need to let your callers or contacts know about your status, whereabouts or the reason why you are not able to attend their calls, you may use the Auto-Reply setting on this screen. You may also choose your own message for this reply!

DND 18b

DND 19

DND 21



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