IOS: Unlock SIM using PUK code

When your device is locked to a certain carrier, you will need a phone unlock code or a network unlock code. This unlock code is for you to unlock your smart phone to all carriers. Once you unlock your phone to all carriers, you will then be able to use a SIM card from any carrier! However, should your SIM be locked, you will need a PUK code. This code is for you to unlock your SIM card! SIM card does not get locked by itself but rather gets locked when one sets up a SIM Pin for their SIM card under their phone settings and enters that PIN incorrectly too many times! Usually, one gets prompted to enter their SIM PIN only after their phone had been inactive for quite some time or if they rebooted their device. Following are the steps to set up a SIM PIN and unlock your SIM using your PUK Code….

Step 1: Set up a SIM PIN under your phone settings

PUK Code 17

Step 2: Should you be prompted to enter your SIM PIN for security, enter your four digit SIM PIN.

PUK Code 1

PUK code 2

Step 3: Keep trying until you unlock the SIM with a correct PIN.

PUK Code 3

PUK Code 4

Step 4: Once you’ve made five attempts or so, you’ll be requested to get a PUK code from your carrier.

PUK Code 5

PUK Code 6

PUK Code 7

Step 5: Call your network service provider to get your PUK code. Your PUK code will be eight digits or so.

Step 6: Enter your PUK Code.

PUK Code 9

Step 7: Choose and Enter a new SIM PIN. Your SIM PIN for your IPhone will be four digits or so.

PUK Code 11


PUK Code 15

Step 8: Make sure you see the following screen on your device. At this point, you’ve successfully unlocked your SIM and set up a new SIM PIN.

PUK Code 16

PUK Code 17


How to Set Up MMS Settings on iPhone

In order to send pictures and videos from a smartphone, one needs to have MMS as part of their cell phone plan. Also, one needs to have their MMS settings set up correctly on their phone! Following are the steps to set them up on an Iphone.

Step 1: Navigate to your phone settings. Make sure your WIFI setting is turned off.


Step 2: Make sure cellular data is turned on. Check if you are able to access your data.


Step 3: Navigate to your messages settings.

Step MMS 1

Step 4: Make sure MMS messaging is enabled.



Step 5: Send a picture/photo from your phone to test your MMS settings. You may send this picture/photo to your own phone number as a test.


Step 6: Check if this MMS message has been delivered.


Step 7: Check if this message has been read.

Step 2