How to Set Up Data Settings on Android

  1. Access your phone settings for Android.

Step 1

2. Make sure WIFI setting is turned off.

Step 2

Step 3

3. Make sure your mobile data is turned on under data usage.

Step 4

4. Access Mobile Network settings on the same screen. On some Androids, you might see an option for cellular networks.

Mobile Network Settings

5. Under Mobile Network Settings, click on Access point Names.

Data 2

6. Create a new Access Point Name under mobile networks. Type in a name for your access point name. Your name may be “something you may remember in the future”.

Step 7

7. Type in your APN for your new Access Point Name. Contact your service provider if you don’t know your APN.

Step 8

8. Set up an APN type. For data, you may select your apn type as default.

Step 9

9. Save your new APN.

Step 10

10. Check for data symbol beside your signal bar. If you see a 3G, H+ or 4G symbol, you should be able to access your data. You may proceed to test your data speed at this point.

Step 14