Sweet nectar, they drain from a flower,

Make honey as fresh as a shower.

Up above and around the hive, they hover,

Their sting – one of a  killer or a lover?

Solar Motion Sensor Light

   Solar Lights have been part of many debates in the last few years. The use of solar lights has become widespread with the availability of solar panels and consumer products. Many such solar lights are now available in the form of motion sensor lights for front doors, gardens, patio, garages and security cameras. The popularity of these solar motion lights (J-A-02-03) in the consumer market may lie in its parts analysis, operating principle and easy installation.

   First of all, solar motion lights have relatively simple parts that make it easy to follow its function. It has an expansion pillar hinge to screw these lights on any exterior part of the residence such as decks, patio, fences etc. They also come equipped with solar panels that are recharged by sunlight every seven to twelve hours for overnight lighting. Then, there is a motion inductor underneath the solar panels that act as a motion sensor and activates for any moving objects within a two-meter distance range. Also, included with the other parts is the LED lights with an auto bright feature for night lighting, lasting ten seconds after activation. The motion sensor light will turn bright as moving objects are within its two-meter range and turn dim as object move away from its two-meter range to conserve power. Inside the casing is a small PCB (printed circuit board) with a small microprocessor – a look-alike of LM555 timer chip and few other parts like resistors. This PCB not only keeps the motion sensor working but also makes it possible for the energy from solar panels to be converted for use in the LED lights. Hence, the function of these simple motion sensor light parts is relatively easy to follow.

   Secondly, the easy installation of this product may make it a consumer hit. All one needs is a drill bit to drill holes in concrete. Next, screw plugs are provided for two screws about two cm in length to mount this product on walls and concrete. For decks, fences and garden gates, one may simply use a screwdriver with a square bit to mount this product. Also, provided with the screws is a pin to activate the device on and off. Hence, the easy installation of this product may make it a popular one in the consumer market.

In conclusion, the solar motion sensors may not only provide illumination in dark but also function with the security cameras to provide crystal clear recording in case of car thefts and home burglaries. The strength and the timing for the lights may only be evaluated after this product is fully tested by the consumer which may take a few days, especially in the winter as the product is said to activate only after seven to twelve hours of direct sunlight.

Pest Control

Pest that lives beside a property

Pest that hides behind one

Pest that lives across the road

Pest that jumps in the vehicles like a toad

Pest that gives products and services a bad name

Pest that seeks nothing but fortune and fame

Living among pest is not a joke or bold

Pest that sucks blood clean and cold

Though this story may be years old

Finding a cure starts with cash and gold